Security Measures

Citizens, business and government can enjoy the full benefits of a safe, secure and resilient cyber space: working together, at home and overseas, to understand and address the risks, to reduce the benefits to criminals and terrorists, and to seize opportunities in cyber space to enhance the UK’s overall security and resilience.

Everyday Life

Every day, millions of people across the United States rely on the services and information that make up cyber space: that is, all forms of networked, digital activities. They may be aware of this if surfing the web, shopping or social networking online, or they may be unaware of the networked activity underpinning the services they rely on, and of just how critically dependent the work of government, business and national infrastructure is on this new domain of human activity. Either way, the effective functioning of cyber space is of vital importance. Our organization explains what we are doing to ensure its safety, security and resilience and to exploit the opportunities it presents.

Charles Edda and Charles Bouley, in conjunction with industry, already undertakes a range of high quality activity in the field of cyber security. However, the challenges are such – and cyber security is so important – that this needs to be developed further. One of the principal aims of this Strategy is to bring greater coherence to our cyber security work, by setting up two new organisations that will bring together the expertise and advice to meet this objective