About Us

At Charles Edda and Charles Bouley; our goal is to create a "Strategy" demonstrates and recognizes the security challenges of cyber space, it stresses the importance of a coherent approach, and it will put in place the structures that the UK needs to weave together new and existing work and drive forward a program to meet our strategic objectives. The Strategy for your business highlights the need for your consumbers, international partners and the public to work together to meet your strategic objectives of reducing risk and exploiting opportunities byimproving knowledge, capabilities and decision-making in order to secure your organization in cyber space.

As the world's dependence on cyber space grows, and we become increasingly reliant on it, so the security of cyber space becomes ever more important. Just as in the 19th century we had to secure the seas for our national safety and prosperity, and in the 20th century we had to secure the air, in the 21st century we also have to secure our position in cyber space

Upon conclusion of service; your Strategy, will comprise of mapping growth as your organization grows along with the establishment of new structures that mark a step-change in the your organizations ability to deal with one of the most serious challenges to our national security – ensuring you can operate in a safe, secure and resilient cyber space